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October 13, 2007



Yes I know a little bit about the event hosted by Marin's Students.There they discussed about social responsibility.This is good for the students to attend the conferences and know more about the events.
Jeff Dean

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I heard about this event, which is hosted by the 6th Assembly District Democrats Club and the College of Marin's Students. It's came with the new thought and ideas which being discussed on social responsibility and democratic party. It's includes Marin and portions of Sonoma and San Francisco counties.


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kenn burrows

Greetings David,

Been a while since we spoke and I still hope to integrate your good work with ours at SF State. It is a natural fit. And I am faculty advisor to 4 different student groups on campus; lots of student activism in my life. So i hope to spread more of your good work there.

I am trying to get out of town for a conference, yet ran across this event tonight at COM. I may stay and meet you briefly tonight, or I may need to head north to Portland for this conference. If I don't see you tonight I hope to speak with you when I return, about being part of a great community event we are hosting on campus.

It is an Open Space Conference featuring key community leaders along with interested students, faculty and general community around the theme: 'Daily Acts for Balanced / Sustanable Living'. The date for DA is October 27. I will send a separate email with an attachment (to info on your website) to give you more flavor about the event.

Hope to see you tonight and if not, to communicate when I return about having you be one of the key 'thought leaders' for this exciting community event.

For now,
Kenn Burrows

(415) 259-6220

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