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October 20, 2008


David Rubinson

Access without Borders needs The White Space !
Pleeeeeze check this out asap.
Please access the websites below, contact your congresspeople, send this everywhere you can, and get everyone to contact their
If you are in the U.S., call your Senators and Representative! Ask
your friends and recipient lists to make calls. The broadcasters are making an incredible last-minute push here. If they can get a delay on this vote, they have an excellent chance of derailing the entire process.

It's time to act! Go to:

Click on the "Action Alert" and use the Free Press "Open White
Spaces for Everyone" link. By typing in your zip code, the secure
site will give you the local phone number for your members of

It all comes down to the next two weeks. If we can get this to an FCC meeting for a vote on November 4, we believe we have the
votes. But it is getting to that Nov. 4 vote that is the tricky part.

One week ago, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin announced that the agency's engineers concluded that vacant TV channels -- known as "white spaces" -- can be used to extend high-speed wireless Internet access
to hard-to-reach rural areas and underserved urban neighborhoods, without harming over-the-air TV signals.

Martin said that the FCC would vote on opening the "white spaces" on
Nov. 4, less than two weeks away.

But then, last Friday, the National Association of Broadcasters
(NAB) filed an emergency appeal to block the Nov. 4 vote!

WE NEED YOUR HELP!! The NAB is pressuring key members of Congress to
force the FCC to delay its Nov. 4 vote.

Please tell your representatives in Congress to reject the
NAB's desperate delaying tactics -- and let the FCC vote!!

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